Saturday, December 26, 2009


we all know that WIPs are "Works in Progress"--but what about quilts that one is just dreaming about?--i'm calling them WIMH--"Works in My Head" --i have definite ideas of what i want to do (which doesn't mean i won't change my mind)

this is from the Bari J. collection with a couple of Atelier Akiko fabs thrown in (they coordinate perfectly). i'd like to make her sample quilt (if you go to her site, scroll down and look on the right hand side-it's the Garden Tea Party Quilt. i wasn't crazy about the border but the always inspiring Mrs. Schenkman came up with a great border solution which i'll be using.

i've been gathering and collecting some cute japanese fabrics (some of these are lecien caramel town) --i'm thinking of making the Marble Champ Quilt by LizzyHouse --also using a green background (the top fabrics with some other lime greens) --this will be my to-go hand-applique project when i'm done with the Dotty Dresden Plates (i'm actually doing pretty well with that quilt--i'm on block #20!)

then my last WIMH (sorry, no pix) is this quilt with this fabric. it should be turn out really pretty--though anything made with Grand Revivial fabrics would be pretty. my Barefoot Diamonds quilt was also Grand Revival--hmmm....maybe i should do a series of these types of quilts--a log-cabin-ish quilt but with different shapes (diamond, octagon, etc) with the Grand Revivial fabs....more WIMHs :-)