Sunday, September 20, 2009

New Projects

so i'm in that limbo time where i've finished 3 tops and now i need to piece the backing and prepare the batting and then baste it--all jobs that i hate. i do have a deadline (baby shower) for one of the quilts so gotta get going on it soon. but of course i can find more new projects to start!

doesn't that look like professional BOM? it's actually my own BOM--but when i package it up like that, it just looks so nice and expensive :-) i'm using a freebie BOM (but not making the center medallion--just the surrounding 12 blocks) and finally getting around to a fat quarter stack of Dena's Rambling Rose fabrics that i've had for a couple of years.

here's the first block all done. they're large blocks--16-1/2" unfinished. when you break down the cutting into an individual block, it's not so overwhelming. and in 12 months (or so), i should have a nice big quilt finished. i have the 2nd block prepped but haven't started sewing yet (i really should start on my other projects!)

i also started a selvage block. i've wanted to do this for a long time, inspired by this blog, and i finally had the wherewithal to start it. i'm sewing the selvages from the Dena fabrics onto this red polka dot. that way, if i end up with enough for a quilt, i won't back it, but just consider the red polka dot as the backing. (hope that makes sense.)
oh, the joy of quilting--that you can have so many things going on!

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Dresdens Galore

Finally--something finished! this is the American Jane Dresden block that didn't make the cut so it's been laying around. i finished two tops recently so had finally got around to making it into a cushion cover. i don't know why it takes so long to get things accomplished--it feels so good when it's finally done!

this is my incredibly messy working area. too embarassed to show pictures!

and just 'cos i don't have a lot of photos usually--here's the back. it's funny how the fabric (also AJ) looks so bland from far away but it's really cute up close. oh, here's a close-up:

these are two blocks (i think will also be destined to be cushion covers) that i recently prepped for a friend, using the Little Romance line. i've gotten good mileage out of those fabrics! i actually don't know this friend very well, she's the mother of one of alex's classmates. she's been battling leukemia for the last year or so and still needs to make multiple trips to the hospital weekly. i was working on my own Dotty Dresdens while waiting to pick up Alex, and she seemed really interested so i was showing her how i work the stitches. it was definitely a God-nudge that made me ask if she would like to work on something similar while she's on her hospital visits. it was so gratifying to see how excited she got over the project :-) so over the weekend, i prepped these two blocks, made a simple felt needle book, bought a cheap thread-snipper and kitted it up with a spool of quilting thread in a little bag i had made awhile ago, serendipitously also of the Little Romance fabs. (hmmm....i guess i should've taken a picture of the kit--it was pretty cute.)

isn't it nice to do a good deed and indulge in your own quilting passions too?!

i've been making good progress on my Dotty Dresden Plates. i carry a block with me at all times and i whip it out whenever i have time. now that Alex gets out of school at 2:30--the twins and i usually get there 20-30 mins beforehand--that way the twins get to snooze in the car while we wait. they're at the age (almost 4) when they're just about to grow out of the afternoon nap--but if we're in a car around that time, they'll fall asleep almost right away. it works out well 'cos it mean i get to do a little hand-sewing almost every day. i think i'm on my 7th one right now. no pictures to show 'cos they all basically look the same :-)

Grandma's Pop Garden is going a little slower. this is my at-home hand project but i don't find as much time for it. still i have 5 rows stitched together so far.

it's pretty wrinkly 'cos i bung it around the house.
so lots of sewing going around the house, but not much to show yet. i have 3 quilt tops that need to be quilted so will show pix of those when they're done. this is the part that takes me the longest--i dread it so!

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Made by Rae Jackpack Backpack GUEST GIVEAWAY!!!!

Made by Rae Jackpack Backpack GUEST GIVEAWAY!!!!

that's a cute backpack! paul's mom made him one when he was little, out of a rice sack. not quite as cute but probably more authentic!