Sunday, September 20, 2009

New Projects

so i'm in that limbo time where i've finished 3 tops and now i need to piece the backing and prepare the batting and then baste it--all jobs that i hate. i do have a deadline (baby shower) for one of the quilts so gotta get going on it soon. but of course i can find more new projects to start!

doesn't that look like professional BOM? it's actually my own BOM--but when i package it up like that, it just looks so nice and expensive :-) i'm using a freebie BOM (but not making the center medallion--just the surrounding 12 blocks) and finally getting around to a fat quarter stack of Dena's Rambling Rose fabrics that i've had for a couple of years.

here's the first block all done. they're large blocks--16-1/2" unfinished. when you break down the cutting into an individual block, it's not so overwhelming. and in 12 months (or so), i should have a nice big quilt finished. i have the 2nd block prepped but haven't started sewing yet (i really should start on my other projects!)

i also started a selvage block. i've wanted to do this for a long time, inspired by this blog, and i finally had the wherewithal to start it. i'm sewing the selvages from the Dena fabrics onto this red polka dot. that way, if i end up with enough for a quilt, i won't back it, but just consider the red polka dot as the backing. (hope that makes sense.)
oh, the joy of quilting--that you can have so many things going on!

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