Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Baby Shower!

so here's the baby quilt i made for my BFF CKB (does that make sense?) hmmm...i should've taken a close-up of the border fabric--it's totally cute--bunnies in traditional Japanese kimonos--dressed up for Girls Day.

the sad part about this quilt is that i have no color sense. i actually picked out the pinwheel colors using another fabric that i had planned to use for the border. It was another Japanese theme fabric--with little boys and girls on green background--that i had purchased when CKB announced she was engaged--i'm very optimistic :-) but after i finished piecing the inside and placed the original border fabric with it--it was completely wrong. i realize now that the white was too stark and the original green fabric didn't have any whites in it--a soft pink as the background fabric would've been better. oh well. CKB will just have to have another child (preferably a girl)!

CKB chose a safari theme for the nursery so we decided to go with that for the shower theme. my girlfriend VLJ, who hosted the event, has tons of toys at her house (3 kids) so went whole hog on the safari animals. here's the runner for the table:

and instead of fancy schmancy china plates; she used her school lunch trays:

you may have guessed that we are Asian Americans :-) every month or so, my high school girlfriends & i have a potluck lunch that lasts all day. we all went to the same high school (except one girlfriend who "married into" our group :-) which means i've known these women for more than half my life! (yeah, we're old) i'm so blessed to have these women in my life!

more animals in the jungle:

the cake is from Schubert's in San Francisco. absolutely delicious.

the baby is due Thanksgiving weekend. we're all praying for a safe & speedy delivery!

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