Wednesday, October 21, 2009

PIQF loot

i think i was pretty restrained this year!

this is from the Stitchin' Post of Sisters OR fame. they have a really great sales section :-) the top FQs were only $1 each! i got a nice group of Kaffe fabrics and some other miscellaneous ones. and because i felt guilty only shopping from the $1 pile, i bought a pack of KF FQs at full price (very unusual for me!) but these colors are so pretty i got over the full price part.

these KFs were reasonably priced at $2 each. they're from Cotton & Chocolate--a very cute booth that was featuring English paper piecing. i bought some 3/4" hexagons! not sure when that will happen but i can always hope and plan for the future.

these are from the Creation Station which is one of my favorite vendors 'cos they have great prices--they only sell pre-cuts --either 1 yd or 1/2 yd packages -- for either $6/yd or $3 for 1/2 yd. last year it was $5/yd--i guess they had to raise their prices. but they have a large booth in the middle of the vendor area and i always find cute stuff.

the vendors seem to be mostly brick & mortar stores from california. the problem is that internet stores (which i almost exclusively shop from now--i may bring twins to a once-a-year quilt show but i'm not going to bring them to a quilt store to go shopping!) have a faster moving inventory so i'm used to newer fabrics and also used to buying whole lines now in the form of FQ bundles or the other pre-cuts. there was one store that was selling a line of fabric at full price that Hancocks-Paducah has already discounted and presumably sold out of a few months ago (i know 'cos i bought several yards of it :-) so it was hard to find fabric that i was really excited about. i guess that's why i ended up getting a lot of KFs this time around--they're timeless and very collectible!

celebrity sightings: i got to meet Verna Mosquera who had a great pumpkin-headed figure in her booth. she was very sweet and gracious, and didn't mind me snagging a couple of pieces of chocolate for the twins even though i didn't buy anything. also said Hi to Joanna Figueroa who rushed back from Houston for this show--she's a local gal. she always has a beautiful booth! i've seen her at PIQF for the last couple of years but finally screwed up the courage to say hello. it's like seeing a celebrity! i'm such a quilt geek.

sigh...even though this year was a little less exciting--in terms of the exhibition and the shopping--it was still wonderful. 12 more months to go 'til next year's Quilt Fest!

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  1. Such pretty fabrics. I think about getting FQ's but have a hard time choosing which ones to get. Maybe when my sewing room is finished I will take a closer look at getting more FQ's.