Wednesday, October 21, 2009

PIQF, Pt 2

i made a much simpler quilt like this years ago--i think it was called yin yang--but it has half the curves inside the circle. i'm actually not a big fan of black/red/white palette but i like it here 'cos the white is more cream which softens the effect. (here's proof that i brought the kids)

i didn't take a picture of the whole quilt--i just like how she used curvy houses as sashing.

it's the borders that are outstanding (to me) in this quilt

the circles are wool fiber somehow twisted around into circles. ZM thought they were actually part of the fabric and i argued that it was superimposed on top--turns out there's a very fine tulle on top of the circles which probably protects the fiber and also flattens it out. it was a really pretty effect. i would like to say i'll attempt it one day but i doubt it :-)

maybe not politically correct but this gollywog quilt was cute.

and max had to take a picture of the train! (to keep the twins' interest, i would let them use my camera to take pix of the quilts. lots of animals, cars & trains!)

i like scissors! even if these were printed on the fabric :-)

paul liked the stain glass effect of this one.

this was a simple rail pattern with these 3 dimensional flowers--very pretty.

oh, and i forgot to take a picture, but this quilt was hanging in the exhibit right near the entrance. the name of the quilter caught my eye 'cos there is a mom in our preschool class with the same name. and when i saw the name of the baby...yup! it's our preschool friend. the twins were thrilled to see "baby Brian"! and i felt like i knew a celebrity :-)

pictures of PIQF loot tomorrow!

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