Wednesday, August 12, 2009


sigh...back from vacation life to normal life (of household chores and yelling at the kids :-) ...and next week alex will be starting 1st grade. yikes! summer is almost over.

so here's what i did on vacation. finished up one dresden plate.

i always like looking at other people's close-ups of fabric so here goes--though this does expose my so-so applique skills :-) i am really loving this project!

i have one unfinished dresden plate in my purse (the perfect take-along hand-sewing project--the block and needle & thread fits into a small zippered bag and i keep it in my purse at all times) and these two (below) prepped up. i think i'm going to make 24 blocks so that's 1/6th of the blocks! oh did i mention this earlier? while driving down to Monterey (it takes 75 min or so)--i finished the first plate block and then i had nothing else to to do--i didn't bring anything else. aargh!!! it was soooo frustrating to just sit there in the car with nothing to do--especially on the way home. so i took a nap :-)

so this is as far as i got on the Pop Garden (you can see in the lower left corner where i left off) --4-1/2 rows so far. very wrinkly and i still have a little problem with the corners popping out but it's going good so far. i admit, i had a moment of hesitation with all the colors and patterns, but i got over it and am loving it again!

i don't really like the jaggedy edges that a lot of grandma's garden quilts have so i'm putting in a border (a Heather Bailey's Bijoux print) on mine. i just cut the template in half and cut the fabric accordingly.

this is a new project that i'm starting--a baby quilt for CKB. i bought the border fabric (not showing it yet) when she announced her engagement--i'm such an optimist :-)

i'm using this triangle paper (by Mimi Shimp--bought it years ago at PIQF) which means easy sewing--but i can see hours of tedious cutting, tearing paper and ironing ahead. i wonder if it really saves time? but it's easy and accurate and i'm not very accurate usually!

another close-up :-)

whew! that's a lot of photos for me! it'll take me awhile to actually get things done but hopefully i'll have more pix to show soon.


  1. Wow!! So much sewing goodness.
    Well done!

  2. Sounds like you had a fabulous vacation. The California coast is one of my favorites (being a native Californian). The Dresden plates are great. Just enough funkiness and modern to appeal to the contemporary quilter. Like the other projects too.

  3. Welcome back to reality after your super vacation.

    Your projects are wonderful. I just love the fabrics that you've chosen for your Dresden plate quilt. And you're right...super take along project!