Friday, August 7, 2009

Monterey Bay Aquarium

so technically, this is Day 6 of our vacation but since we're back at home--it doesn't feel quite like it :-) i woke up late--the kids got up at 7:00 a.m. (!) and i was still able to fall back asleep through the noise. so we didn't leave the house 'til almost 11. got to monterey around noon but it worked out well 'cos the kids took a nap in the car and then we ate lunch right away.

the Aquarium is always crowded (or so it seeems). but we hit all the exhibits. there's a new (& temporary) otter exhibit & seahorse exhibit. the seahorses are especially amazing. max loves the penguins the most and alex prefers the sharks. sophie says her favorite thing was the guy who was cleaning the penguin tank (? :-) it was busy and tiring, but the kids held up well, only whining a little near the end.

we got a street, metered parking space so saved a bunch of money (most of the lots were $20/day) so we bought some plastic sharks ($13!!!) for the kids. max was the most thrilled with his hammerhead shark :-)

dinner at the local pho place (the "lollipop" shop). and that's it--our vacation is over--sigh... now onto sorting out the photos.

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  1. Sounds like your day at the Aquarium was a success! I love the penguins too! Glad you enjoyed your vacation!