Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Beloved Two

finally! here's Beloved #2. i started this whole project back in january and i finally finished #2 and both have now been mailed to Pascha who heads up this project. (just finding a box that would fit two quilts and going to the post office took a few weeks!)

i love the bright colors in this quilt. back in the day, these saturated colors were the ones i collected but i have to admit, they look a little 90's to me now--i'm more into the kaffe fassett brights currently (though in 10 years, they'll look a little '00 to me :-)

the triangles are almost all from the Lakehouse Baskets quilt. and the white is from my stash. the back is fleece--though if i make more of these quilts (and i would like to), then i'll have to check in with Pascha about that--these quilts are going to SE Asia and i think fleece might be a bit too warm.

i would like to continue to make more of these quilts --maybe one for every 2-3 quilts i make for myself?...


  1. I tried to reply to a comment you left on my blog, but you are a "no-reply commenter".

    I loved this beloved quilt...

  2. These are GORGEOUS! I received them and they'll be going over to the safehome with the next trip! Blessings!! I love them!

  3. Beautiful quilt - I really love the lettering.. Thanks for your kind comment on my post on Stash...