Wednesday, January 15, 2014


i have two more borders to quilt (a new-to-me simple design of leaves and flowers) and then i'll be done with this batch of quilting. this one is my 3rd bed-size quilt (2 queens & 1 king)  and i also did two baby quilts (those took less than half an hour each). can't wait to get started on a new quilt--sewing is my favorite part, quilting, not so much.

i did an all-over pattern of simple flowers and stippling on this quilt--i get inspired to do more than the normal stipple when i start (this is a really busy pattern so i wasn't looking for anything fancy) (not that i really know how to do anything fancy) but get bored 10 minutes into it but then think it's too late to change my plans.  i also always think the quilting is turning out terribly while in the middle of it, but when i'm finished and looking from afar, it always looks pretty good to me :-)

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