Saturday, January 30, 2010


phew! a nice productive Saturday afternoon as Paul played (and worked) in the yard with the kids.

Pieced a backing for the bottom quilt and pieced the batting (yeah, i'm cheap, i use up odd pieces of batting to make a new bigger piece) for the middle quilt and then pin-basted all 3. Hooray! these WIPs have been weighing heavy on my mind.

the top quilt is the Christmas quilt i talked about here. i really wanted this done before Christmas but once our tree was up, there was no space in our living room to lay out quilts to baste.

the middle quilt is Max's Truck Quilt. it's a pretty loud quilt, made up of bits and pieces from the scrap pile--but it's got trucks and i think Max will like it.

the bottom quilt was made for VLJ but now i'm not so sure. i'm giving her the opportunity to yay or nay it this saturday when we hang out. the fabrics are beautiful (Posh & Charisma by Chez Moi, Moda) but it's a tad simple. well, if she doesn't want it, i can think of other people who will :-)

of course there's still tons to do--quilting them (i usually just meander all over them) and then putting on the binding. i don't think i'll machine-bind them this time after what happened in the last post!

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