Thursday, January 21, 2010


i've been working on machine-sewing the binding on quilts--both sides, not just the top part--it's turning out horrible! but functional. and so much faster than hand-sewing the back so i guess i'll keep practicing (nope, i'm not showing pictures of my terrible workmanship--these are just pretty pix of the fabrics :-)

this is my latest quilt--it's completely finished today--hooray! i'll try and take a good picture and write up the whole story soon--it's a quilt for charity--inspired by Quilting for Peace


  1. I always sew the back of the binding down when I do smaller projects like a bag, a dish cloth or a hot pad. I have had so so luck that way because it is smaller. But I have yet to do the binding that way on a quilt. Someday, maybe. I end up having to redo part of even a small binding if I machine quilt but oh well. Practice maybe will make perfect some day.

  2. Beautiful fabrics!!!!
    I only machine stitched the binding onto 1 quilt, and it was awful! I should try again, because, like you say, it would speed things up!

    With regards to your dresden plate question - I joined the first 2 rows and then appliqued the little circles, and then worked my way down the quilt - you can see on my photo it's missing the bottom row of plates and the bottom row of circles. It made things A LOT easier!