Wednesday, April 21, 2010


Hooray! finally some finishes to post. this was originally called the VLJ quilt for my friend's b-day present--but she said the colors didn't "match" her furniture (!) though more to the point, she liked LHB's quilt more (and the fabrics/colors in that quilt). this has more of a blue tinge because the border fabric and the backing is blueish. i'm calling it my "Posh and Charismatic" quilt because it's the Posh and Charisma lines from Chez Moi (Moda)--yeah, i'm really clever. this was inspired by an Anka's Treasures pattern--Heather Mulder Peterson is a talented designer of patterns AND fabric! (good blog too :-)

well, back to the drawing board for VLJ (this is a 2-year old b-day present promise). and now wondering to whom to gift this quilt.

oh, and here are some oops. this is the back--i accidentally quilted over some scrap batting. (i work on a really messy table!)

and here's another oops. i'm usually pretty good about my backing extra big but i guess i skimped a little here--that white edge was about 3/4" that i had to add on.

i like this quilt a lot--but it's also going to be a gift. this is made with Tula Pink's Flutterby line--one jelly roll and lots of miscellaneous pieces, and around 2 yards of the border and sashing fabrics. hmm....i should really take a close-up one of these days--you can't see but the border has illustrations of a gorgeous bug. (oh, here's a pix from Tula Pink's blog--it's the 2nd photo).

i think the pattern is called a Friendship Braid--really fun and easy to make--but i was a little worried that the bias edges would get out of control--i was really lucky that it didn't. i do have an idea of who to give this to--a good friend who is needing a hug these days.


  1. I think these are great, when making cards I always say "if you want perfection go to Hallmark," the same applies with quilting (although I'm pretty sure you can't buy quilts at Hallmark... you get the point). Wonderful job, thanks for sharing your blog!