Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Roman Peace

i might have the chronology all wrong, but i think Roman Holiday came out in 2007 and Peace on Earth in 2008 (both by 3 Sisters, Moda) (and this year's Christmas line is called Glace. it's also beautiful!) i was able to buy a jelly roll and a FQ bundle of Peace on Earth in the Great Holiday Sale of 2008 at FQS and combined the leftover pieces from the Roman Holiday kit to create this quilt, Roman Peace (which doesn't make a lot of sense but does roll off the tongue :-)

this quilt was made for my friend LHB for her wedding present this past March (she had the BEST wedding favors--full-size Cadbury chocolate bars!!). again it's my own "design" --very simple--but i did utilize the jelly roll quite cleverly i thought--i cut them in half (1-1/4" strips) so as to have enough for each block.

LHB opened the present at her bridal shower and it was quite gratifying to hear all the oohs and aahs from the other guests (moment of vanity :-)

LHB's husband has spent quite a bit of time in Italy and they're planning to go there later this year as a late honeymoon. plus they got officially married at Christmas time so i thought this line of Italy inspired Christmas fabric was quite appropriate for them! plus LHB has very quiet & classic taste, so these fabrics are as tasteful as i can get :-)

it's a queen-size quilt which is the maximum size i can baste--it takes up the entire living room! you can see the fireplace at the top edge of the photo, so i can't go further. and i'm standing on the sofa which is just out of range on the bottom edge of the photo.

man, i hate basting! sooooo many safety pins for a queen-size quilt too!
i still have lots of scraps and am planning on making a Miss Rosie pattern so i can have my own "Roman" quilt (in the far off future :-)

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