Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Paris Bebe

this is probably my worst quilting fiasco so far --which is saying a lot. i LOVE this fabric too--it's from Paris Bebe and i bought a bunch of FQs from her directly awhiles ago. this is a really simple pattern--a square within a square set on point. however i decided to get fancy and i mitered some of the corners on some of the blocks. you can't really see it, but i also put a tiny piping-like border to set it off from the outer border. i'm not sure which is the problem --the mitered corners or the piping--but see how it sags in the middle? the quilt top absolutely does not lie flat--completely un-quiltable.

i ended up sewing it to a backing (right sides together and then turn inside out like a cushion cover) without any batting and it's my summer blanket and works pretty well. actually, alls well that ends well, because the backing fabric was a pretty pink gingham that i bought many years ago and turned out to be shoddy material--after washing the blanket once (i don't pre-wash my fabrics) it started pilling. so luckily, i didn't spend hours quilting it for it to fall apart like that.

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