Sunday, June 21, 2009

Last Shopping Trip (almost)

well, there's still one more photo shoot with my new French Hatbox fabs but that'll come later. this haul is from Hancocks-Paducah (see, i just can't resist their sales) but got lucky 'cos everything i ordered was in stock. shall we take a look?

first up, two charm packets of Mary Engelbreits. i already have some yardage and maybe i'll make another dress for sophie or maybe/probably a quilt in the far-off future.

more Amy Butler's Midwest Modern to add to the stash. this is a really mellow line of fabrics that isn't my usual style but it appeals to the more sophisticated side of me (it's a small side :-)

and i finally decided to go for it--start a Kaffe Fassett collection! i've always loved his sense of color-- i've got a couple of his books--but it seemed like a big commitment to collect his fabrics. but i'm starting to see some of his pieces go on sale--and that's enough to convince me :-)

L-R: Heather Bailey's Bijoux; Sandy Klopp's American Jane Recess; 3 Sisters Simplicity. i'll actually use the Bijoux rightaway (very rare for me) for this quilt; the rest will go into the stash collection.

a last look before they all go off to their separate bins. and that's it--no more shopping! (for at least a little while :-) but the fabs come at a perfect time. i've been home since this past Wednesday (except for one quick foray out to drop off alex & pick him up from a b-day party) 'cos the kids have been sick. first sophie, and now the boys. oh, and me too. it's been a BORING and uncomfortable few days so at least i get to look at my new favorite fabrics.


  1. Great fabrics. Aren't they so nice just to touch and feel. Sometimes they look too nice to use...but wonderful eye candy!

  2. Hi there!

    I've just hopped over from Kaaren's blog to say hello! :-)

    Wow - I didn't know that Mary Engelbreit had a fabric collection (I must be naieve, I know!). I have one of her illustrated journal's this year but it is too good to write in, so I display the new picture each week. It's beautiful. Back to fabrics though... and I love your choices!

    I feel for you with the kids being sick... and being sick yourself. I don't know what's worse... when the kids are ill you feel so sorry for them that you wish you could take it away from them... but then when you get sick yourself, looking after kids seems like the hardest thing to do in the world! I've been in the same place this last couple of weeks.

    Enjoy your sewing... it's sanity!!!!
    Hugs! Vikki :-)

  3. Welcome to blogland from the USA. I went through every post to see your gorgeous quilts and darling kids. This is where we get to talk quilting all the time. I have stash envy, we all have this need to just a few more. I'm a Grandmother but I remember those days when one gets sick and before you know it you've been house bound for weeks. Sorry. Come visit me at quiltcrazy. I'm just finishing up a Kaffe Fassett design. I'll add you to my list.

  4. Came over here from Kareen's blog! Love all your fabrics. I have the Basket's of Flowers charm packs from Moda. I just recently found out about Moda, and through blogging too. Don't think I would have found out if I was not blogging. Enjoyed your blog! I have two, a craft and sewing blog and my main blog. Hope you come and visit!

  5. I love your fabric selections!