Thursday, June 4, 2009

Kimono Quilt

did you know that Japanese kimono fabric were/are(?) printed in 14" strips? unlike our American standard of 42/44" width. i inherited a stack of beautiful kimono fabrics from my quilting friend Susan and they became this quilt for CKB's wedding present. some of the fabrics are from CKB herself when she went to Japan years ago. she's a graphic designer so i had asked her if there was such thing as a "perfect" rectangle size and this quilt used the dimensions she gave me.

the inspiration for this quilt came from Leanne Beasley (love that name!), an Australian designer. i borrowed her idea of adding one red block to the monochromatic layout (hers was black and white--in case you can't see--these blocks are blue and white) to give it interest.

sadly, our bed is now my "design wall"... and yes, actual thought went into the placement of each block.

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