Thursday, June 18, 2009

Shopping Again

i got another parcel in the mail--yippee! it's my birthday month so i figure everything i buy is my birthday present! this time the fabrics are from Bee Square Fabrics--unfortunately they are closing down, hence this awesome, 50% off everything sale.

here's another look :-) and since i love looking at other people's fabrics, let's go set by set (there was some method to this madness :-)

the fab on the left is from the Momo Wonderland line which i'm using for this quilt. it's just some extra, probably for binding, but if not, it's a nice polka dot so i'm sure i can use it somewhere (isn't that what we, fabric hoarders, all say!) the fab on the left is from American Jane Snippets line. i have a few FQs and some yardage of her older lines, they all coordinate nicely. i'm planning to make this quilt but that will be far off in the future. i bought the book but can't seem to find it so i went down to Joann's, got the book off the shelf, went to the rulers dept and got the measurements :-) i figure it's legit 'cos i really do have the book somewhere.

CUTE! these (top & bottom photos) are Japanese fabrics so even at 50% off, it's not super cheap. but so cute. i'm hoping to make this quilt with it (again, some day). lots of hand-sewing ahead!

and then these fabrics (below) are from Lecien; the top 3 are Minny Muu, and i can't remember the bottom fab's name--but i have some FQs from that line which i'm saving for some unknown project--and the colors are just too pretty to pass by.

sigh...this was a fun shopping trip :-) two more packages are coming!


  1. Some of those fabrics totally have MY name on them. I'm going to Bee Square. Cute stuff! love them

    Thanks for visiting my blog. It is funny how some people don't like vintage and some love it. My cousin married a "trash man" and the side of his trucks said "your trash is our cash" and they were our most wealthy relatives!

  2. Wow...these are some great fabrics! What a fun blog you have...yours is new to me!