Sunday, June 14, 2009


these are my most recent acquisitions from Hancocks-Paducah. to be honest, this isn't my favorite store, even though they have an awesome sales section. the problem is that i only usually buy fabric on sale (so i also don't think i have the right to complain! :-) and they don't inform me when the fabric is sold out (most of the other on-line stores i buy from, have an option to contact me when a fabric is unavailable) (in fact, the other day, Fabric Depot called me on the telephone to check in on a fabric i ordered! now that's customer service :-) which means that if i'm buying for a project, i might get 3 out of the 4 fabrics i ordered, which renders the project un-sewable. or it also means that i might end up paying postage on just one item when i like to maximize the postage. anyways, like i said, i'm a bottom-feeder so don't have the rights of people who pay full-price :-) and again, their sales are usually fantastic.

that cute dog fabric is just going straight to the stash but it was only $4/yard! maybe a bag? the charm packs were half off. i'm collecting the Aviary fabrics and love that whole look of 3 Sisters fabrics--Aviary coordinates with their earlier, Sanctuary and Simplicity lines (which i also collect). i will actually be using the Wonderland charm packs right away. it's rare for me to actually buy fabric and use it!

this is April Cornell's Spring Magic line--the fabric was $5/yd and the charm pack was half off--so i figure for less than $10 and some background fabric from my stash, this will make a charming baby quilt for a little girl.

i just went on another shopping expedition at Hancocks last week--they always pull me back in with their sales!

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