Monday, July 13, 2009

Birthday Cupcakes!

Hooray! i received TWO exciting packages today--from MYB (i made the Roman Holiday quilt for her last year) for my b-day (which was back in june--how nice to stretch it out into july!)

shoot! i thought she knew i was on a diet!

aren't they tempting?

MYB knits the cutest sweaters--she's made one each for my kids--and she knit these for me!

they are sooooo cute. the pattern came from here, and serendipitously enough, awhile ago i had sent MYB the link for the blog since it was a knitty one.
the fabric as the backdrop was in the package from Fabric Depot (it's either Swell or Sweet by Urban Chiks)--on sale of course :-) MYB also gave me a gift cert for FD and this is one of the fabrics i got. (i also got a Glace layer cake--really good price over there.) the thing with gift certificates, especially for fabric stores, is that you (i) end up spending way more than you got in the first place. oh well, i figure, it's like getting a discount card :-)

i think this is my favorite. thanks MYB!


  1. I thought they were real! What a cute idea. Happy belated Birthday.

  2. I like the things you have made and show on your blog!

  3. What sweet treats! The kind that don't get stale. Good for you.