Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Down Under

so here's the new and improved Dotty Dresden Plate (see previous post for that fiasco). the colors are much better suited. i went into my current stash and picked out fabrics that had a "clear" coloring to them. i don't know if that makes much sense to you (it didn't make sense to my graphic designer friend so i know i'm not using technical terms here)--but it's colors with white to them, rather than dusty browns.

here's one with the center placed on top. i really like the red/white polka dots!

this is the stack of fabrics i'll be using for the blades. i've included my recent acquisition of Kaffe Fassetts, some Heather Bailey Freshcuts; some Sandi Henderson's Farmer's Market; and a little of Robyn Pandolph's Flirt. (there's also one or two random fabrics in there) quite eclectic!

i also included my little stash of fabrics called A Day In the Country--an Australian line. i don't believe they're available here--or at least i haven't seen them. though you might be able to still get them from here.

they are the loveliest fabrics. so soft--and the colors are bright and clear. i'm saving most of them for a China Doll quilt i'm planning to make for sophie, "one day."

i was lucky enuf to get these fabrics because paul's aunt in australia had given us some cash in australian currency when the twins were born. it wasn't quite enough to make it worthwhile to exchange at a bank (with the high rates) but enough to make us wish we could do something about it. long story short, i found this store who was willing to take a chance on me--i sent her the cash, and she sent me these lovely fabrics. what a treasure!
(p.s. you should check out her blog. great minds think alike--she's also doing a Dresden Plate pattern right now and even used American Jane fabrics!)


  1. Much better!! (although I rather liked the first attempt too)
    The red spotty in the centre makes a huge difference too.
    Really brings out all the other fabrics.

  2. i really like the your choice of center fabric!

  3. I do like this one as well...but I like them all. In any event, it's going to look smashing! Have fun. I thoroughly enjoyed making my dresden plate quilt.

  4. Very pretty. I made a Dresden plate many years ago. I love the pattern and would like to make another.