Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Lobster Dinner

Last Thursday, i had a hankering for lobster! (pardon the dirty dishes in the sink :-) it's relatively cheap these days at $8/lb. my husband refuses to kill a live animal, but i figure, we're not vegetarians or anything, it's just hypocrisy to say that we can't kill an animal to eat.

yum. she was quite delicious. though it's a little scary how much butter i consumed along with the lobster.

here's Max. he doesn't make it into the blog very often. the kids were fascinated by the lobster. i explained that we don't kill animals for no reason--but we do kill them to eat them. the twins tried a little, but luckily didn't like it too much :-) my oldest is allergic to shellfish, so my husband & i got to enjoy it ourselves! (this was a 2-1/2 pound-er)

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  1. He "pinked up" very nicely. It brings back memories of our lobster dinner in Portsmouth, NH while the boys (by choice) had pizza in the hotel room. Yum, it was good.