Sunday, July 5, 2009

More Shopping

now why would i say a silly thing like "last shopping trip"? makes no sense at all! June is my birthday month and the celebration continues (into July). my girlfriend CW has her b-day in July and this year we agreed that we would go shopping for ourselves in each other's honor (she's going to Banana Republic). so thanks CW! i had fun going fabric shopping :-)

this latest spree was at Fabric Shack. this is a great place to go if you want the newest fabrics at a discounted price (around 10% off), but their sales section (remember, i'm a bottom-feeder) is even better! all the fabs are from the sales dept but with varying prices.

more Japanese cuteness.

2 pieces of Pop Garden that i don't already have, for the hexagon quilt i'm piecing. (it's slow going!)

i have a little stash of American Jane going on. this is an old line but coordinates with all the other AJ fabs. if i didn't already have too much fabric, i would've bought a few more yards for backing. as it is, 1 yard is quite enough.

more Kaffe Fassett. i've resisted him so long, it's so much fun to finally succumb and buy these gorgeous fabs. have you seen Quiltsalott's banner? (it's a really fun blog too) that quilt would look great in all Kaffe. one day...

and this is what happens when you leave the fabric out and the boys get to it and play who-knows-what with them--lots of fraying. don't worry, they're now safely out of harms way. oh, i meant the fabric, not the boys :-)


  1. Lots of eye candy there. Why is it that the more fabric I see the more I want?

    I think there are meetings for people with my affliction. (wink)

  2. Wooohooo! Eye candy, for sure, Dorothy!
    thanks for making us drool! lol

  3. Great buys. Fun projects to come.