Thursday, May 28, 2009


this has been an expensive 2 weeks. i lost my little camera last week, i think at alex's school, but really have no idea where, and it still hasn't shown up yet. of course that camera is now "old" and the new models cost a lot more.

and then, yesterday, i'm sewing on the binding to PH's quilt when the machine jumps and starts a horrible grinding noise.
yup, i sewed over a safety pin! i have to say--the Bernina is a pretty powerful machine--the needle tip didn't even break off--and if you enlarge the photo, the needle didn't go through the hole in the safety pin, it went right through the metal. i was crossing my fingers that the machine was ok--now that would be blogworthy!--but no, something is off and the machine is in the shop right now. sigh...that's another $100ish bucks.
so i'll be machine-less for a week or so. the repair shop said they could arrange for a loaner sewing machine--but i'm not sure if it's worthwhile to make another trip down and then to learn a new machine. on the other hand, it might be fun to try another machine and see how that one sews. but i could get a lot of other stuff done in the meantime. perhaps even play with my kids more often. nah--probably won't happen...

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