Saturday, May 23, 2009


i just spent the afternoon with my friend JH who's house-sitting for her friends (it's our crafting day) --and what a fun house! first, the bed's headboard is in the shape of a sofa. so imagine a sofabed, but raised up to the height of a real bed--i really wanted to take pictures but figured it's a little intimate especially since i didn't know the couple. it just looks sooooo comfortable! i believe it's custom-made but i want one! probably in the life-after-kids-go-to-college life.

and then they also had one of those really expensive massage chairs. i was prepared to be underwhelmed, thinking how good could a massage chair be--but this one was amazing. it was so powerful that it was almost painful at times! each "session" lasted 20 minutes and i got two sessions--am feeling very relaxed. i would love one of those too--i'd put it in my sewing studio which won't happen until that aforementioned life either.

good times :-) (paul took the kids out to a newly opened bridge--alex scooted, sophie biked (with training wheels) and max triked--what a great dad :-)

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