Sunday, May 24, 2009


my kids are the lucky recipient of hand-me-down clothes from my nephew & nieces AND 4 of my girlfriends & their kids. it's amazing how much money we've saved by being one of the last of our family & friends to have children! (though on the other hand, if i had to buy clothes for our kids, they sure wouldn't get all the name-brand stuff they've inherited).

anyways, this little wallhanging was made for my friend CNP. the fabric is from a dress that she wore when she was a little girl (she's my age so that was a loooong time ago :-) she didn't really think sophie would wear the dress (it was kinda worn out) but didn't want to throw it away either. so i cut it up to make this little quilt for her b-day. i saw a similar quilt at a quilt show awhiles ago and i eyeballed the pattern for this one.

one day--probably far off in the future, i'll make similar quilts for all my lovely sister/sis-in-law/girlfriends who have so generously (and tastefully) clothed my kids!

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  1. I was sooooo pleased to receive this quilt for my 40th birthday, since it brought back memories of those fun and carefree days of childhood. I didn't realize how much my mother did for me during those youthful days. Thanks for finding a creative way to memorialize my old jumper and to conjure up warm feelings of the good old days.