Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Charming Threads Spring Quilt Show

this is the first time i've entered a quilt show, albeit an online one. it's probably the easiest quilt show to enter and there are even prizes! check out the Charming Chatter blog for the other entries--such beautiful quilts.

so this quilt is my Charming & Frugal Empress Woo. the fabric line is designed by Robyn Pandolph and it's a few years old. i bought a pack of charm squares and cut those up to be the 16-patch blocks--that's the "charming" part. i used a green from stash to be the cornerstones (the 16-patch block is constructed like a snowball) . i also bought some yardage of the figures and since i didn't have quite enough of the people--i would carefully piece scraps together to get a whole figure in the block--hence the "frugal" part. this was my own "design" (as designs go, this is pretty simple) and i'm very proud of that!

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