Sunday, May 31, 2009


i found this on the camera recently but it's an old quilt--BK--before kids. back in the day, i would actually go into fabric shops and browse around and buy fabrics that look interesting. nowadays, i almost only buy fabrics at on-line stores, and since i can't really see and touch them, i usually end up buying a whole line of fabric from a trusted designer. as VJL says, my quilts are much more tasteful now (since a designer actually put them together) but i say, they've lost a little of its character :-)

this was easy to sew--but took longer to cut since i basically cut a piece from every one of my conversation prints (any fabric that has objects on them, rather than a design) and then fussy-cut them again. i never did count how many different fabrics are on this quilt but i think 100 at least. i'll get one of the kids to count them one day!

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